At Imagine Music School Sunbury we believe music is something everyone can enjoy at any level or age. Our teaching philosophy is based around a step-by-step program which develops a strong musical foundation combined with an individually tailored program which allows each student to explore their own creativity and musical interests. An important point to remember is it is not our goal to force students into a specific, standardised mold, but rather give them the tools to decide for themselves. It is our mission to give students the opportunities and skills to create lifelong, positive memories with music.


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Megan Allen – Founder/Teacher

Megan completed her pianoforte AMEB exams at an early age and added violin and trombone to her list of instruments at the age of 11. During her high school years she dedicated every spare moment to playing, whether it was with many of the outstanding youth music organisations throughout Melbourne such as Melbourne Youth Music, Castlemaine Youth Orchestra, Napier Street Orchestra or even being involved in the various bands and orchestra in local school productions and theatres.

In 2003 she commenced her musical studies at Melba Conservatorium of Music and later on also completed a Bachelor of Arts a Deakin University majoring education and sociology.

Megan has shifted her focus to teaching from performing over the last 10 years and is passionate about sharing her philosophy of music education with her students. She specialises in both group lessons and private lessons and teaches within a number of inner city schools. She now resides in Sunbury and began Imagine Music School with the desire to provide quality and affordable music lessons to students in surrounding areas.

Megan believes music should be fun and exciting and this was her response when asked “What is the purpose of teaching music?”

“Unlike many other professions, the gratification from teaching music comes in a form other than a paycheck.  One of the most important reasons to teach music is to pass it along.  By sharing music with others, it is possible to make them as passionate about it as you are.   Music also gives students something they can succeed at through practice, which provides them with a sense of purpose and pride.   Music programs are essential because they help students to develop skills such as time management, communication, patience, and perseverance.  Also, for many students, music helps them to express themselves in ways that sitting in a classroom never could. Music education gives us the understanding of a universal language that can be used no matter where you are, for the rest of your life”



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